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"The Special: Can You Say Hawaiian Kale Salad Delivered?"

Posted September 16, 2014 on The Miami New Times

"Healthy and convenient aren't two words that typically go together. Imagine if you had your own personal chef who did all of your grocery shopping, chopped all the vegetables, and then combined them into a tasty balance of savory, sweet, and tangy. That is where the Special comes in..."Read the full review.


"Gourmet Healthy Vegetarian and Vegan Dishes conviniently delivered straight to your door"

Printed in the Miami Yoga Magazine Fall 2013 Issue

"We're all aware that healthy eating is crucial to our overall wellbeing but it can be expensive and time consuming. If you live in the Miami Beach area then your daily lunch search is over- meet The Special, started in April of 2012 by local Chef Andres Orjuela..."Read the full review.


"We Heart The Special Miami - Lunch Delivered"

Posted October 8, 2013 on Namaste Miami Blog

"The Special Miami is a unique lunch service. Daily specials are emailed to you (and posted online) the day before. You reserve by 8 pm. It shows up on your doorstep the next day at lunch time. Simple. Delicious. All of the cool yogis are doing it."Read the full review.


"The Special... By Far The Best Lunch In Miami"

Posted on October 4, 2012 at Fabulous City

"Listen up Miami peeps, have I got something "special" to share with you... no pun intended. It's called The Special and it is a super healthy, mouth watering delicious and incredibly fresh lunch meal delivery company based in Miami. So you ask, what makes this company different from all the other meal delivery companies? Everything! Allow me to explain..."Read the full review.


"If your lunch is nothing special, call Miami Chef Andres to deliver 'THE SPECIAL'"

Posted August 6, 2012 at Go Back To

"Most chefs are concerned with cutting costs and washing customer's taste buds in salt, sugar and fat. Health conscious chefs are rare and Andres Orjuela is one of them. So, what's so special about The Special? Well, it is chefs' mad obsession with freshness!..."Read the full review.

The Special Miami Vegetarian Chef Andres Orjuela

Reviews by Customers

Adi Posted May 3, 2012 on Facebook

Nutritiously delicious... WOW Just WOW

Helena Posted May 4, 2012 on Facebook

Absolutely FABULOUS !!!! love today's meal was amazing :)

Chris Posted May 1, 2012 on Facebook

Today's meal was awesome. I don't normally order Cous Cous, but this was delicious and really satisfying.

Diego Posted May 8, 2012 on Yelp

Fresh, warm, simple. The Special is my favorite lunch delivery services on the Beach by far. Tastes like food I'd eat at home. Their monthly subscriptions make finding lunch every day hassle-free as I can't find time to worry about lunch delivery to my office every day. The price for their meals is fair and delivery is timely and courteous. Still dreaming of their low-calorie hazelnut chocolate mousse, yikes!

Ewa Posted May 7, 2012 on Facebook

Just received my first lunch, it is so yummy! Thank you for bringing healthy food to the Design District.

Veronica Posted May 14, 2012 on Facebook

I got my first lunch today, it was so good! Calling you next Monday for sure, thanks guys :)

Krysia Posted May 8, 2012 on Yelp

Looove that this came into my life! I take it as a day off from the kitchen (and use it as my vegetarian day), its just wonderful since I know I will be getting something healthy yet yummy. It so easy, and I always look fwd to the side treats that I secretly always hope will be desserts!

Tomasz Posted September 19, 2012 on Yelp

I love The Special. Food is fantastic, super fresh, and the variety is amazing. I have had Indian food, Mediterranean, Thai, french , etc. I love it and recommend it to everyone.

Roberta Posted January 4, 2013 on Yelp

When you don't have much time to have lunch and have to eat at work, you end up ordering too much junk food. Now, that I have found the Special, I enjoy my lunch everyday without felling guilty. Even the deserts from Special don't make you feel guilty :) Everything is very fresh, made from scratch and absolutely delicious. When I first ordered, chef Andres delivered the food and introduced himself, I found that very unique and I felt very confident about his business. I'm very happy to have found the Special!

Brenda Posted October 8, 2012 on Facebook

My taste buds are giving you a standing O!

The Special Miami Lunch

Je Posted October 22, 2012 on Facebook

The Special today @ the Food Summit was great, thanks a lot! :D

Mike Posted May 30, 2012 on Yelp

We are so happy to have found out about The Special. The number one reason is because the food is fresh and healthy, vegetarian, made from scratch and you can taste the difference. Everyday is something new, and after you eat it, you feel energized, not slowed down like all the other lunch options on Miami Beach. The second reason is because it's always on time delivery around noon everyday. No more worrying about taking time to order lunch. Bottom line: the food and service you get for the price is unbeatable and it's always delicious.

Bb Posted November 5, 2012 on Facebook

Great tasting food, I order all the time! So grateful for the love that's put into the preparation of these healing foods!

Nathalie Posted November 1, 2012 on Facebook

I've never eaten beets before (well non-pickled). Lovely. Thank you for introducing my palate to something new... again.

Helena Posted October 26, 2012 on Facebook

Delicious !

Karmen Posted August 15, 2012 on Yelp

Andres cooking is exquisite. I always knew whatever he brings is going to be absolutely delicious and healthy. I was extremely satisfied with his service and kind personality. I am very grateful to have found him and his vegetarian dishes!

Andreina Posted August 7, 2012 on Yelp

I'm so happy we have found this awesome service! Who said eating vegetarian was plain? since we've been ordering The Special, I've had a completely different, delicious meal every time. My husband and I like the surprise factor, so we order or food on Tuesdays but never check the menu ahead of time, and boy, have I been surprised! We've had risotto, strudels, a variety of mediterranean dishes, and they always include desert or a side. It's hard to find a place where you can eat delicious food, healthy, for a Great price delivered right to your door. AMAZING service! So happy!

Ewa Posted September 7, 2012 on Facebook

In my opinion, this is the best lunch one can get in Miami.

Amanda Posted September 6, 2012 on Facebook

YUM. Delicious!

Kiran Posted August 15, 2012 on Facebook

Ate it. Loved it! Another amazing lunch

Valentina Posted August 14, 2012 on Facebook

Sooo good!

Rajni Posted January 4, 2013 on Yelp

The meals are simply delicious. I order 5 days a week and do not even have to think what I am going to eat the next day. It is always made perfect to my taste. I eat only vegetarian food and it is like having a private cook. I know I am going to eat well and healthy. If I get busy or am out of the office, I eat for dinner.

Nathalie Posted July 18, 2012 on Facebook

ridiculously delicious!

Ewa Posted January 4, 2013 on Yelp

I stumbled upon this and was amazed. I have realized what it is that makes this lunch so much better than all the other options I've tried: It is SO fresh. Once you get used to eating freshly cut and cooked organic produce, made from scratch, there's simply no turning back. I have since ordered my lunch from The Special every day I'm working at the store, never more last minute cheese heavy sandwiches or soup and salads masquerading as healthy. The Special sends me an email the day before, I just respond to the email and the next day, at 12.45pm the meal is delivered to my desk.

Marjan Posted July 10, 2012 on Facebook


Sandra Posted June 21 3, 2012 on Facebook

mmmmmmmmmmmm very good

Mike Posted June 12, 2012 on Facebook

the coconut on the rice was awesome, I never had that before

Veronica Posted July 11, 2012 on Yelp

I work on the beach and it has always been hard to find good food to be deliver. I always ended throwing away half of the food because of how stuff I felt. Also you always get the same stuff just from different restaurants. That is why I{m in love with The Special. The great thing about them is that they always surprise you with a different lunch every day. The food quality is home made from scratch, very tasteful and light enough to keep you going until the end of your day. The Special had made eating healthy at work so much easy!

Nathalie Posted January 9, 2013 on Facebook

so yummy, it was devoured within seconds!!!

Kachito Emailed our Chef August 25, 2012

Los gnoquis estaban increiblemente ricos...una textura liviana y el relleno exquisito y la salsita de tomate deliciosa tambien y como broche de oro el postre...una verdadera orgia para los sentidos

Sharyn Emailed our Chef October 19, 2012

I cannot let you know enough how blessed I am to have found you and what an extraordinary job you do and service you provide.

Jean Posted March 19, 2013 on Facebook

The Vegan Red Plum Crisp is sinfully amazing!

Anni Posted February 27, 2013 on Facebook

Yeay!!!Areapas!! My favorite!!

Nathalie Posted March 19, 2013 on Facebook

That plum crisp of yours... TDF!!! Love love love this meal, thanks again for your commitment to providing fresh, delicious food!!

Gisela Emailed our Chef March 21, 2013

It was delicious.

Todd Posted February 26, 2013 on Yelp

The Special is a great option to have for lunch at my office. I'm a very particular eater, mostly vegetarian and mostly organic. This service satisfies my tastes...nutritious and delicious. When I eat in my office and I'm not bringing my own food, I order their excellent lunches. I've even ordered several when I've hosted lunch meetings. I've ordered nearly 40 times, and I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every meal that I have received. Not one restaurant in Miami has accomplished that.

Max Posted April 9, 2013 on Yelp

I was really excited when I learned that such a thing existed here in Miami Beach and was even happier when my first lunch arrived...and the one after that... The lunches are superb. Healthy, fresh and very tasty...every time!

Liz Emailed our Chef April 19, 2013

Just wanted you to know I got a note from Caron this morning saying her kids loved the food Andres delivered and they were so happy.

Terry Emailed our Chef April 24, 2013

It was amazing! Thank you!

Kachito Emailed our Chef May 22, 2013

The hummus yesterday was divine and you should sell it at the supermarket since it is better than any other hummus I have ever purchased.

Deborah sent a message to our Chef May 21, 2013

Omg!! Your food is delicious!!!! Ty!!! And delivery guy is a delight.

Cher sent a message to our Chef May 24, 2013

Today was my first delivery from "The Special", it was really good, the Thin Kiwi Pie was amazing, and Pearled Barley with veggies great too.

Deborah Posted May 23, 2013 on Facebook

This is the best lunch in Miami. PLEASE open a restaurant!!!!!!!!!!!

Krystle sent a message to our Chef May 31, 2013

The lunch is fantastic. Thank you for providing such a great service and helping people like me stay healthy and enjoy it as well.

Todd Posted June 13, 2013 on Facebook

The Special is ALWAYS awesome. It's what we eat nearly every day for lunch. Thanks, Andres!

Deborah Emailed our Chef June 18, 2013

I would like to order lunch for Weds. Yesterday was sooo delicious.

'fashionveg' Posted June 17, 2013 on Happy Cow

The food is absolutely delicious. Everything is so fresh, and healthy. Tons of variety in what you eat. It gets delivered right to me at work. I'm a huge fan of their food!

Valerie Emailed our Chef June 26, 2013

Everything has been great!

Richard Emailed our Chef June 27, 2013

Absolutely delicious thank you so much!

Ewa Posted February 12, 2013 on Facebook

Amazing lunch today! Thanks for making my day :)))

Tim Posted July 15, 2013 on Facebook

Had their lunch today ... I am having it again tomorrow. =)

Deborah Posted July 15, 2013 on Facebook

This place is amazing. They have been my go to place for lunch for a while and I am amazed every day. Reliable delivery and excellent quality.

Linsey Emailed our Chef July 16, 2013

Loved it!!!

Jessie Emailed our Chef July 18, 2013

This is the most amazing thing ever. I am totally blogging about you guys

@namaste_miami Posted July 18, 2013 on Twitter


@namaste_miami Posted July 18, 2013 on Twitter

I have discovered the most amazing thing ever. @twitrTheSpecial -

Jeannie Posted July 18, 2013 on Facebook

Food glorious food!

Liliana Posted July 18, 2013 on Facebook

What a great service you are providing people!!!!

Diego Emailed our Chef July 19, 2013

Buenisimo el almuerzo hoy!

Deborah Posted July 23, 2013 on Yelp

FANTASTIC!! I order several times a week and have never been disappointed. Delicious, healthy, no fake foods, only real whole foods. Reliable delivery, never an issue. Wish I could hire them to cook in my home 3x a day, it's that good!

Mark Emailed our Chef July 24, 2013

We loved the lunch and we want 2 more for tomorrow.

Rosalind Emailed our Chef July 29, 2013

Today's lunch was great. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Alex Posted August 1, 2013 on Yelp

The Special is an amazing delivery if you work on the beach. Each day Andres delivers healthy vegetarian options and the menu changes daily. No more chicken kitchen. It's really a lifesaver especially if you work in mid-beach. The spinach pie is amazing. I really wish they delivered dinner in south beach.

Jessie sent a message to our Chef August 4, 2013

I LOVE, LOVE your food.

Rajni Emailed our Chef August 5, 2013

Last two lunches were great.

Wendy Posted August 5, 2013 on Facebook

Thank You for today's lunch ♡ meatless Mondays never tasted better.

Jenny Emailed our Chef August 7, 2013

Today's lunch was amazing! We would like 2 lunches for Thursday please. Thank you for your time and attention.

Wendy Emailed our Chef August 7, 2013

I loved it - soooo good!

Jenny Emailed our Chef August 8, 2013

Very refreshing to encounter an entrepreneur that takes the time to exercise his environmental consciousness.

Lilly Emailed our Chef August 15, 2013

Lunch today was perfect – thank you!

Luis sent a message to our Chef August 19, 2013

Thank you, I love your food !

Lilly Posted August 15, 2013 on Yelp

Finally found you! Just tried The Special today for the first time and I'm blown away! A local vegetarian (Vegan on some days) lunch delivery service with no minimum meal packages to buy! Today was veggie chili with garlic mash, green beans & fruit salad - amazingly delicious! I also love that they don't cater to any fad diets like Paleo & South Beach because..let's face it people...diets are temporary fixes and this kind of eating is a lifestyle. BRAVO!!

Jenny Posted August 14, 2013 on Yelp

The Special is such a fantastic place to order from. The food is amazing, and skillfully crafted by Chef Andres daily. My office orders from The Special and is never disappointed. I love that there is no set menu. The food is always innovative, fresh, and deliciously paired with a side. Not only is the food amazing but the service is as well. Andres is very attentive to his clients and is always available for any questions. I love this place and have come to look forward to ordering "The Special" every work day.

Carolyn Emailed our Chef August 22, 2013

Lunch was delicious. I'm looking forward to ordering again.

Wendy Posted August 22, 2013 on Yelp

Wow! The Special is simply the best. From the first bite, I said, thank you, thank you Chef Andre, for a tasty lunch that nourishes body and soul. I always feel better after eating his creative mix of delicious foods. Did I say healthy? Oh yeah, but not without surprises. This weeks chocolate chip cookie was the best I've ever tasted!

@namaste_miami Posted September 20, 2013 on Twitter

Yessss.... @TwitrTheSpecial -

Jenny sent a message to our Chef September 20, 2013

I wanted to take the time to let you know that we really enjoy the way you cook and and we love using the special as our provider for lunch. We were wondering if we could make an arrangement with you so that you always bring us 2 lunches Monday through Friday, unless we notify you otherwise. The reason why I'm asking is because we have had days that I have forgotten to order and we hate missing your lunches!

Lona sent a message to our Chef September 24, 2013

Thank you so much the meal was fabulous. Great job!!!!

Lona Emailed our Chef September 24, 2013

So excited for my lunch tomorrow.

Deborah Emailed our Chef September 27, 2013

Would you be willing to sell me a big tray of that lasagna? It is so insanely delicious…

@namaste_miami Posted September 30, 2013 on Twitter

@TwitrTheSpecial - Risotto rocked today!! Thank you!!!

Anish Emailed our Chef October 1, 2013

Lunch was great! I really liked the packaging and utensils. The muffin was fantastic.

@EdibleSoFla Posted October 3, 2013 on Twitter

New The Special delivers vegetarian lunch MB, Design Dist, Brickell, dwntwn Miami @TwitrTheSpecial via @meatlessmiami

Marlene Emailed our Chef October 9, 2013

The lunch yesterday was absolutely perfect. It was beyond delicious. I truly felt healthier yesterday.

@julianasdream Posted October 10, 2013 on Twitter

Andres is he health angel. His meals are delicious. Brings them to your door. No delivery fee in MB <3

Andre Posted October 23, 2013 on Yelp

You love great food? Than The Special is your address! Every day arround noon Andres delivers those delicious meals to our office and I am really surprised, how many different meals you can create out of vegetarien ingredients. I'm not a vegetarian myself, but this food I would recommend to everybody!

Rachel Posted October 31, 2013 on Yelp

So glad I discovered this place! I've been looking all around south beach for a truly healthy vegan spot, and after trying out many spots, this one hit right home for me. Their food is so fresh, and delicious, and his daily menu is always so appealing and healthy. I was shocked at how inexpensive it is too...there's no other place in Miami beach that you can get this level of quality in healthy food, and the price is just a bonus.

Debra Emailed our Chef November 5, 2013


Andre Emailed our Chef October 25, 2013

2 months of including your diet and going to the gym every other day and I lost 12 pounds.... sounds like an ad, but is totally true.

Louise Posted October 31, 2013 on Yelp

I cannot say enough good things about The Special - every meal tastes amazing (honestly the flavors are fantastic), the portion sizes are more than generous, the variety means no day is the same and the customer service is exceptional. Not to mention the fact that you really do feel like you're eating healthily... and if the compliments on how I'm 'glowing' just one week in are anything to go by then the added benefits of eating this well are priceless.

Amanda Posted November 20, 2013 on Yelp

This place is amazing. Healthy but extremely flavorful meals and a good sized portion so that you are completely satisfied. I tried about a week ago and have been ordering every day since. I'm not even a vegan or vegetarian, but the food is so delicious! HUGE fan.

Andrea Posted November 20, 2013 on Yelp

The Special lunch delivery is excellent! The food is so creative and fresh and healthy, and for the price is a great deal. The portions are very generous and always leave me satisfied, and right now I am pregnant with twins so eating for 3 gives me quite an appetite to satisfy! Andres, the owner, is extremely responsive, helpful, and kind and ordering is very easy. They send a daily email with their menu and you can either pay in cash or prepay with paypal. Very convenient and simple. They are based in Miami Beach, and I noticed on their website they also deliver to Brickell, the Design District and Downtown. Grateful to have The Special as such an easy option for a healthy, delicious lunch!

Caroline Emailed our Chef December 7, 2013

We do miss your lunches over weekends.

Charlotte Posted December 11, 2013 on Yelp

Being in Miami for one hard working week I had the chance to enjoy lunches from The Special every day and I am so happy I found them! The food is super tasty and healthy. From one day to an other it is very diverse and always a good surprise. Andres manages very skillfully an appetizing mix of savours and colors, congratulations and thank you!

Todd sent a message to our Chef December 13, 2013

Quiche is awesome!

Johanna Posted December 11, 2013 on Yelp

Discovering the Special was the best part of my trip in Miami ! The menu was generous, with fresh ingredients, delicious flavors and very well priced.

Caroline Posted December 12, 2013 on Yelp

The Special is the address I give to all my firends about when I am spending some time in Miami. As a vegetarian I am extremely pleased to have finally found a way to eat healthy tasty and diverse food every day. The delivery is very efficient and Andres is the nicest person to deal with.

Karen Emailed our Chef January 7, 2014

As ususal it was delicious.!!

Amanda Emailed our Chef January 21, 2014

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my lunches! I've already written a Yelp review, and have shared the information with as many people as possible, but just wanted to reiterate how great it is :) I've also noticed a huge difference in my energy level, never getting those afternoon slumps during work, which is AMAZING! Thanks so much.

Elie Emailed our Chef January 22, 2014

The lunch, the order process and the delivery were all at the peak or even higher than my best expectations, THANK YOU.

Lisa Posted January 21, 2014 on Facebook

I've been wanting to try the Nicoise Salad from The Special! Tomorrow is the day!

Celine Posted January 22, 2014 on Yelp

Delicious meals made with love and consciousness! Produces are fresh and prepared every day. It does taste amazing. Besides it's all green friendly (package are recyclable). Andres, the owner, is a passionate person about food, health and ecology. It's a greatly inspiring experience and so good food for the soul.

Elie Posted January 30, 2014 on Yelp

After reading the reviews, I had to try. Even with my high anticipated expectations I have to say that this business deserve more then 5 stars. - Extremely easy to use web service to order your meal. - Very fair pricing. - Excellent delivery service always right on time. - Excellent meals, great quality ingredients, simple yet professional presentation. - Very fast and personal email communication. This is for me the way of the future. They provide you the best food, the best service at a very fair/low price. I recommend anyone looking for vegetarian quality meals delivered to you to try this service, you will get addicted.

Lois Posted February 18, 2014 on Yelp

My sister lives in Miami and has been raving about Andre and THE SPECIAL. On a recent visit, we both ate the lunches. In fact, one day we ordered three and invited a very food-conscious guest to join us. Each of us was more than pleased; in fact, our guest is still talking about how impressed he was with the meal. I felt SO great eating those delicious, healthy meals. Andre should franchise The Special, so those of us not fortunate enough to live in Miami could enjoy healthy food without the hassle. If you live in their delivery area, do yourself a favor and try one of his lunches. I know you will be hooked. This price is more than reasonable and everything is fresh. It's like having a private chef. FIVE STARS AREN'T ENOUGH!!!!!!!

Kelly Emailed our Chef February 21, 2014

I really enjoyed my lunch yesterday, it was fantastic!

Lisa recommends us for her Yoga Teacher Training February 26, 2014

THE SPECIAL MIAMI is our top food choice for healthy mind, body, and soul. The food is made with love. The service is kind and personal. The chef is committed to supporting local and organic farmers, practices recycling, and donates excess food to people in need. The Special supports other local businesses and organizations that are committed, like himself, to building a sustainable, healthy community for everyone.

Karen Emailed our Chef February 27, 2014

It was delish ;-)

Rae Posted March 3, 2014 on United Yoga's Facebook

We love The Special....

Isabelle Emailed our Chef March 6, 2014

Thanks Andres. The lunch was absolutely perfect. All I enjoy . Congrats.

Yvonne Posted March 21, 2014 on Trip Advisor

Excellent, fresh vegan food. The food always arrive on time in eco-friendly packaging. It's tasty, creative and satisfying. I love that there's always a side or a dessert included. Portions are also very generous! Definitely would recommend to friends and family.

Heather Emailed our Chef March 25, 2014

I loved the meal!

@namaste_miami Posted March 25, 2014 on Twitter

Yummm.... perfect weather for tomorrow's @TwitrTheSpecial - Love you guys!!

K-Mobilia Posted March 24, 2014 on Trip Advisor

Eating Healthy is Becoming More Convenient. I have been ordering lunch from The Special, Healthy Vegetarian Lunches for several months and really love the taste, the portion size and the fact that the ingredients are healthy. They do use eco friendly containers...I feel like I am treating myself, and the earth, wisely with delicious food. They always provide a desert and they deliver to your door. The price and convenience of delivery make eating health easier than ever!

VeganYogiLifeCoach Posted March 24, 2014 on Trip Advisor

100% Satisfaction. Homemade, Vegan, Consciously prepared food for the Soul & Body! On top of that, Andres the owner walks the talk and you can feel and taste the goodness of his creation. Highly recommend his food! Love and Peace, Balazs

Kristine Emailed our Chef March 25, 2014

I love your website, great navigation and very straightforward.

Carolina Posted March 25, 2014 on Yelp

I am probably getting ahead of myself by posting a review only 2 days in into this service but i couldn't help myself. I came across this service merely by accident. I was looking on Yelp for a meal delivery service because i was unhappy with my current service, as i found that the quality of their product went down considerably. I read the reviews about The Special. This is a lunch delivery service in Miami Beach. Now, This service is vegetarian meals. I am not a vegetarian but i do love eating healthy, specially vegetables and fruits, so after reading the great reviews i decided to give them a try. Mind you, this service is a little more expensive that my previous lunch service but i got to tell you it is worth it. You simply cannot put a price on quality. And i am VERY picky with my food. The Special is a great concept. Even if you are not a vegetarian, if you just are into health and taking care of yourself, this is for you. I have had their lunches for 2 days and they have been delicious!. Great and creative preparation, good flavor and excellent quality ingredients. They also deliver promptly. Also, perfect portion sizes and even the packaging is recyclable and green. The only downside is if you pay with credit card, they charge me a $1 fee. I did not know what to expect but after giving them a try , i agree with all the amazing reviews. Andres is doing something good!. Keep up the good work.

Dana Emailed our Chef March 27, 2014

It was great!

Kristine Posted March 27, 2014 on Yelp

This delivery service is absolutely wonderful and super convenient. The meals are vegetarian and Andres does a great job of keeping things interesting and coming up with the most delicious lunches! This is definitely a good option if you, like me, want to eat healthy but don't want the stress of cooking all the time. I think it's a very fair price for a fresh gourmet meal delivered to your door. I've looked at other meal delivery options like The Fresh Diet and DeliverLean and this is by far the best value. I'm happy to be supporting a local small business. Their attention to detail is so gratifying! I love that the packaging is biodegradable. Andres always asks if you'd like to opt out of getting plastic cutlery. He's been extremely punctual with deliveries, and ordering on the site is quick and easy. The only caveat: meals can only be ordered on the previous day, and you can't pre-order a week's meal, for example (though you can prepay them at a discount). This hasn't been a big deal for me so far, and it makes sense so people remember they have an order coming, but if you're forgetful you may end up with no lunch because you forgot to place the order in time. I'm really happy with The Special- it's made my life so much easier.

Satoko Posted March 31, 2014 on Facebook

First time I tried The Special (Healthy Vegetarian Lunches) and am so glad I did. Green beans, potatoes, fruits, all ingredients are fresh and taste delicious. The portion was just right. Will order more.

Roxy Emailed our Chef April 13, 2014

Your food is superb.

Stephani Posted April 18, 2014 on Yelp

The special is so wonderful! The food is fresh, plentiful and very delicious. The menu for the next day is emailed to you and the menu is small and simple which makes ordering so easy since there's only one item for the day. Lunch is delivered on time everyday 12-1:30 depending if ur on the beach or downtown/Brickell. The first time I had my food delivered everyone was asking me, "...where did u order that?....can I order right now?..." Comments like, "Wow! That looks amazing!" To top it off the food taste great! There's no membership required. So u don't have to be stuck with food u do not want. It's easy and convenient and always on time. I def recommend ordering this at least once!!!

P.M. Posted May 13, 2014 on Yelp

I just received my first lunch with The Special and it was delicious, I am not a vegetarian but try to incorporate healthy choices. The food was fresh and the portion was on point and delivery was on time. Definite must try

Roxy sent a message to our Chef May 15, 2014

Your lunches are my favorite.

Catalina Emailed our Chef May 29, 2014 encanto el almuerzo ! Linda idea+lindo trabajo+linda energia en la comida...

Todd sent a message to our Chef June 3, 2014

Thank you! Delish.

Valerie Emailed The Special on June 6, 2014

You truly are the best!

Ashley Emailed The Special June 12, 2014

My boyfriend and I were only able to get half way through you lunch and are sad we only made it that far! The food is so fresh and delicious and tastes like an investment in our health. We both can't wait to finish the amazing couscous and veggies later today. Do not even get me started with the amazing Plum dessert. Cannot wait to order from you again.

Ame Emailed The Special July 25, 2014

Food was DELICIOUS ! I will definitely be ordering again..

Mauricio Posted July 30, 2014 on Yelp

La comida es absolutamente deliciosa. Los almuerzos se han convertido para mi en toda una experiencia. Su sazón, dedicación y pasión por lograr una buena combinación hacen de The Special la mejor opción para una comida balanceada y saludable.

George Posted August 8, 2014 on Facebook

I'm so fancy. Home-delivered vegetarian lunch from Thank you!

Michelle Posted August 13, 2014 on Yelp

Healthy and Affordable for Miami Beach!! I've ordered from The Special Miami 3 seperate times now and each dish has been even more impressive than the last!! the Hawaiian Kale Salad was delish! I love the owner's felxibility regarding changing out the desserts for fruit cups! Even more so I love the hassle free no week minimum required. I see the menu the day before, and decide without having to be tied to a week or month long plan. I highly recommend this for anyone interested in a healthy, tasty Vegetarian option!

Marcela Emailed The Special August 15, 2014

Food was absolutely delicious.

Karen Emailed The Special August 15, 2014

I just received lunch. It’s delicious.

Susana Emailed The Special August 21, 2014

Incredible first lunch! I have lived for years in both Morocco and India and loved their cuisine. Now I am happy to say that you out did many Biryanis I have tasted! I am happy to have found you and have you nearby in town!

Alejandro Emailed The Special August 27, 2014

Yesterday lunch was my favorite. Yummy, spicy greens with not a lot of rice. Light and delicious.

Len Posted August 26, 2014 on Yelp

Ever since a friend forwarded me the Special's website, I can't stop ordering! For weeks now, I've ordered the meals Monday thru Friday. I've been delighted at a the variety, quality and flavors of these meals that show up right at my at door. I occasionally order 2 meals at a time to have only these for lunch and dinner that day. Two super fresh, wholesome and satisfying meals, arriving in a sturdy, eco friendly, recyclable cardboard container, for under $30! Andres, is the chief cook. It's obvious that his heart is in this endeavor. Can you find a subpar review about this business? I couldn't. Everything about this operation embodies professionalism, thoughfullness, and attention to detail and quality. The emails with attractive pictures and descriptions of the coming day's meal, the ease of confirming meals ordered, and the ability to pay cash or prepay with Paypal makes the whole ordering process take less than 30 seconds and already has me looking forward to something the next day. I truly feel blessed that his service is in my neighborhood. Miami Beach can sure use more healthful, affordable prepared food options. Just experiencing the ways that Andres combines his simple ingredients with such finess, I know I'm absorbing food wisdom with the nutrition!

Anat Emailed The Special September 16, 2014

Thank you for lunch today - was delicious and healthy.

Miami New Times Posted September 16, 2014 on Twitter

.@TwitrTheSpecial delivers a healthy #vegetarian meal to your door.

Illuminarts Posted September 16, 2014 on Twitter

@MiamiNewTimes Thanks to @TwitrTheSpecial for catering our reception @IlluminArtsMIA last Friday at @bassmuseum. Delicious!!

Marcela Posted September 22, 2014 on Yelp

I have ordered from The Special a few times and I have been extremely pleased with the food AND service. The food is fresh organic and delicious! The delivery service is on point every time! This is my favorite vegetarian place by far in Miami Beach!

Swati Emailed The Special November 3, 2014

Thank you! Love this service and wish you existed in Manhattan, NY!

Todd Posted November 21, 2014 on Facebook

Yum! Another amazing lunch, care of The Special! I highly recommend this wonderful service for anyone who lives in or around South Beach (even downtown). I've been ordering lunch from The Special several days per week for the past few years. I look forward to it every time. The ingredients are fresh and very high quality, and the meals are expertly prepared and delicious. Do yourself a favor and try it for a few days.

Karen Posted November 25, 2014 on Facebook

Today's soup was awesome! Organic Leek and Potato Soup with Organic Spinach. Two thumbs up!!!

Lisa Emailed The Special December 5, 2014

I ordered today for the first time and it's amazing!! I had to reach out :) I'm so happy to have found you. The curry and raita are extraordinary. I look forward to having many more delicious meals. Thank you so much and Happy Friday!!

Debra Emailed The Special December 18, 2014

The meal today is my favorite! (Referring to Spicy Potatoes, Beets, Dahl and Chutney)

Maureen Posted January 15, 2015 on Facebook

Andres works magic with his food. It is so delicious and healthy. He helped me feel so much better physically.

Matthew Emailed The Special January 26, 2015

The lunch today was AMAZING! I will be ordering again whenever I'm at the office.

Rebe Posted February 3, 2015 on Yelp

I am so excited that I found The Special. I work from home a few days a week and without time to cook, struggled to find a place to get delicious, healthy food. Enter The Special... the menu is very creative and changes daily so I am never bored. The food is fresh and flavors amazing. I appreciate that there is no commitment so I order the day before based on my schedule. Very convenient! The portion sizes are great (sometimes I even have a bit left over for later) and the prices very reasonable for a main dish and a side. It is obvious that a lot of thought and care goes into the menu and food preparation. Normally I do not write reviews but supporting a local business and ensuring I can keep ordering from The Special motivated me to share my feedback. If you are thinking about ordering, do not hesitate.

Karen sent a message to The Special February 18, 2015

Your food is the best!

Dominique Emailed The Special March 13, 2015

It was wonderful! I plan on ordering a few times a week : J

Anna Emailed The Special March 13, 2015

Thank you the food was AMAZING!

Adam sent a message to our Chef March 13, 2015

Andres, Grandma loved the lunch. Thanks

Adam sent a message to our Chef March 13, 2015

Andres, Grandma loved the lunch. Thanks

Steven Emailed The Special March 15, 2015

I am very happy and have eaten and enjoyed it all, and best of all don't miss meat.

Margaux Posted March 19, 2015 on Facebook

So good Thanks the special (with a posted picture of her lunch)

Caroline Emailed our Chef March 25, 2015

I just had my meal for dinner and it was excellent. The portion size was larger than I expected so I hesitantly shared and I really enjoyed every bite. I will definitely be ordering in the future days and weeks. Thanks again for making my night easier and very satisfying.

Diego Emailed The Special March 26, 2015

Quality is amazing as always!

Steven sent a message to The Special April 24, 2015

One of your best lunches ever Wednesday.

Ollie sent The Special a message May 1, 2015 through Yelp

Delicious. Thank You! Will definitely order again

Lisa Posted May 4, 2015 on Yelp

I am surprised by how good this service actually is! The food is delicious and interesting--not boring like a lot of vegetarian food can be. And the delivery is reliable--a big plus for south beach. I recommend it highly!

Gerald Emailed The Special May 17, 2015

First I must say I totally love your meals but share my time between Las Vegas and Miami. Is there a way to send once or twice a week all the meals? By Fedex overnight, I have an account. Thank you, I really appreciate it, I am missing your lunches badly.

Amanda Emailed The Special May 18, 2015

It's delicious! Thanks!

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